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Start your own travel brand from home

Find The Right Fit For You

You have lots of options available to you, so you just need to identify the best opportunity for you.

On this page, we’re not going to talk about ourselves much. We’re going to talk about you, and ask you to ask yourself a few questions. We’ll also answer some questions we’re commonly asked.

First of all, a small note.

None of this should be a rushed decision. Any sign of pressure to sign up should be seen as a red flag. This is addressed in the Is homeworking right for you?, article by Travel Weekly.

We’ve taken this quote from the HSBC guide to franchising:

“However enthusiastic you are, don’t rush. Be wary of franchisor pressure to sign up, particularly the “If you don’t sign now you won’t get another opportunity” approach."

Here are a few things for you to consider as you research your options.




With most homeworking and some franchise opportunities, you’ll be required to sell holidays under your chosen homeworking of franchisors name. You’ll become a travel consultant for their business, representing their brand and selling holidays to their customers.

Some homeworking opportunities such as Holidaysplease.co.uk  provide enquiries. When those enquiries turn into bookings, the customers will become ‘yours’ for as long as you’re with the business.


When you create your own brand, everything is (or should be) yours. Every time you book a customer a holiday you’re adding to the equity of your business by building a customer database that is truly yours.

When you have the opportunity to create your own brand with the backing and support of a proven franchise model you have the best of both world. You are in business for yourself not by yourself.

If you love the idea of creating your own business without being restricted, but with all the benefits of a franchise, it would be worth us having a conversation.

We support you to create a travel agency tailored to your own vision, experiences & strengths based on a proven business model.

Specialise in the types of holidays or destinations that you love. Expert one to one training and purpose-built tools means no travel experience is necessary.

Our Travel Professional (link) package has been specifically designed to enhance the experience you already have, and develop new skills to ensure you can market your business successfully to drive sales.

This generally breaks down into three categories:


As we’ve already discussed, some homeworking companies will provide you with enquiries. When this is the case, you generally keep less of the commission.



Some homeworking and franchising opportunities ask you to use your existing network to sell holidays to. The idea being that you write down 50-60 people that you know that might be interested in booking a holidays. As well as booking holidays you ask them to refer their friends and family and start to build a customer base that was



This can be anything from attending a local wedding fair, setting up a partnership with a hair salon, sponsoring an event, to Google Ad & social media marketing.

Without enquiries, your business won’t survive. We believe that knowing how to successfully marketing your business to the whole of the UK provides you with a greater chance of success. In our one to one, Understanding and How to use Google Ads, we’ll show you how to create successful campaigns, aimed at people actively searching for the type of holidays you’re interested in selling.

If you’re starting your own brand support is going to be vital to your success. Many travel industry professionals have amazing travel and sales experience that would be welcome in any travel agency.

We build one to one relationships with our franchisees from day one, which continues through the accredited one to one accredited training and direct head office support.

Having the support of your chosen partner will be so important to the start and growth of your business. We’ve built a £30+ company from an investment of £6k, and we can show you how to do it.

It’s important to know that if you join a homeworking agency that they’ll be able to provide you with enquiries that suit your experience.

If you’re starting your own business, it’s important to know which types of holidays are more likely to lead to a successful business. As part of our onboarding process, we offer a business planning meeting in which we’ll forecast a P&L of your first 12 months in business so you can make an educated decision before you commit.

Planning your business is one of the most important parts of getting started.

Some franchisors and homeworking companies require that you work full time to service your customers. Others will allow you to work your travel business on the side of another job.

Depending on your financial situation, starting alongside another job can be a great way to get started. As you know, from working in travel, there can be a delay between when you make a booking and when you get paid your commission so managing your cashflow is important.

How can The Holiday Franchise Company help?

Our unique franchise opportunity allows you to create your own brand in the travel industry with the backing and support of an award-winning franchise team. We help with a comprehensive training program designed to enhance the experience you already have and develop new skills to ensure you can market your business successfully to drive sales.

Franchising is one of the safest and most risk-free ways to start up and run a successful business. Buying a franchise that you will enjoy is the most important factor of all. Most businesses, not just franchises, succeed when the owner is passionate about it.

When you love what you do it’s no longer a job, but a way of life!

Discover more about the unique opportunity we offer here

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