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Our franchise agreement is for four years. This is in place for your protection and as part of our membership with the British Franchise Association.

No it’s a rolling contract . After the four years, if you’re still active in your business we’ll invite you to sign a new contact for another four years with no renewal fee.

The Holiday Designer is £13,745 + VAT and Holiday Designer Plus is £15,795 + VAT. Remember you’ve already paid a £500 deposit so this will come off of your full franchise fee. If you’re advertising online, we’d highly recommend the Holiday Designer Plus as the best package for you.

The monthly fee is £155 + VAT. Remember you have a grace period during the set-up time PLUS three months after you go live, so that’s 6+ months without a monthly fee. You’re able to join now and give yourself a 6-month set-up time if you wanted, which would mean 9 months with no monthly fee.

The only other fee due to us as highlighted in the meeting is 2% revenue. So on a holiday that’s gross value is £5,000, we’ll take a £100 cut, no matter how much commission you make.

You can register with HMRC and claim back the VAT, as discussed in the meeting.

We need payment upfront to get your business started. When you’re ready to join we’ll raise you an invoice for the package you’d like to take.

The first thing we’ll do is send you a comprehensive welcome document outlining all of the steps you need to do to get your business started.  We’ll then arrange a call with the whole head office team so you can start building relationships.

You’ll work closely with Head of Franchise, Jo during your onboarding process. She’ll guide you through the process.

Our Training Manager, Chris will then start to plan your training program and design a schedule that suits you.

You’ll be spinning a lot of plates during this time, but it’s an enjoyable experience and we’re here to support you all the way.

Take some time to go over the spreadsheet created in the business planning meeting. If you decide you’d like to join us, we’d recommend you get someone to look over your franchise agreement. This has been approved by the British Franchise Association who has lawyers go through it in great detail.

If you’d like to join us we’d be very happy to welcome you to the community and we’ll work closely with you to build your own travel business in your own vision.

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