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The Holiday Franchise Company?

There are a few travel franchise companies out there. This is a good sign as it shows how successful a travel franchise can be.

If you are seriously considering investing in a travel franchise, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Are you being rushed?

Investing in a franchise is a huge commitment. Any guidance you read from franchising experts is to take your time. 

HSBC Franchising offers great advice on this:

“When you buy a franchise, you’re entering into a long-term business relationship. It’s vital you take the time to decide if franchising is right for you – as well as to thoroughly check the background and business performance of your prospective franchisor. Above all, don’t rush your decision.

Be wary of franchisor pressure to sign up – particularly if they imply that if you don’t sign now, you won’t get another opportunity.”

Our onboarding process is always at your pace. We’re happy to answer all of your questions, and we insist on a business planning meeting to explore earnings, costs and cash flow of the business you are about to step into. 

Proven Business Model

With over 100 self-employed sales staff working from home demonstrates we have a proven model that works. They have become successful on lower commission rates than franchisees, so you have every chance of success.

To see how successful we are search for our parent company “Holidaysplease” on Trust Pilot where you will see our incredible reviews.

Our group currently holds awards for, ‘Best New Franchise’, ‘Online Travel Agency of The Year’ and ‘Luxury Homeworking Business of the Year’

What our franchisees have to say

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“After 28 years of working for a large organization, I decided I needed to break away and build my own empire. The travel industry had always appealed so I decided to invest some of my retirement windfall in a franchised business. I approached a large company selling franchises but was dismayed by the pushy sales techniques. “Sign up this week and we will give you this, that and the other”. It was so cheesy I did question the idea of whether buying a travel franchise was really for me. I then decided to give The Holiday Franchise Company a go. What a difference. From the 1st call, it felt that I was entering into a partnership that would offer the support I need as a new startup. I wasn’t wrong. Genuinely nice, professional people who know the industry inside out have given me immense support from day 1.”
By Ian Davies , Owner of Clear Escapes
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“I have been nothing but impressed with The Holiday Franchise’s processes and support throughout. In the discussions before joining I had some family members who were sceptical about the offering and I voiced these concerns with Luke, who answered all of them honestly. It took 4 months from our initial call before joining at which I never felt rushed or pushed into it. Even after joining, I have not been hurried into launching. The Holiday Franchise Company understand people and want them to go at their own pace. I have loved the journey so far, the knowledge and support have been indispensable. It’s a nice feeling to not be on my own doing this, I feel I have a whole team of supporters at The Holiday Franchise Company cheering me on.”
By Philippa Ferguson, Owner of The Holiday Boutique
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“Chris is incredibly patient and thorough in all aspects of the training and makes the entire experience quite enjoyable! The amount of effort that goes into the training sessions from his end is apparent and impressive, especially on the marketing session where Chris comes forward with potential partnership avenues for marketing purposes. The practical elements of the various training sessions, from the sales competitor call practice to actually creating pages for the website training session were incredibly useful and helped me to digest and retain all the information, which can be overwhelming at times. I also find it handy to have various training manuals, and videos available for reference after each session as a safety blanket. Beyond training on the essentials, Chris was also so helpful with sharing specific destination knowledge that will be highly relevant to my business and is always happy to help with a smile on any issue, big or small. Thanks for being so patient with all my questions and for setting me up with the right information and tools to launch Tailored Retreats successfully.”
By Amisha Patel, Owner of Tailored Retreats

Images from our last discovery day

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Where will the discovery day be located?

The discovery day will be hosted in our offices in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. 

What will be covered in discovery day?

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Welcome and introduction

Luke Western our Head of Sales and Marketing will start the discovery day by introducing the team at The Holiday Franchise Company and history of Holidaysplease and The Holiday Franchise Company

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Talk with a current franchisee

One of our current franchisees will discuss what research they did before choosing to partner with The Holiday Franchise Company and their overall experience of cretaing thier own brand and travel business.


Starting a Travel Business

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Planning a business

Charles Duncombe the Director of Holidaysplease will be discussing the benefits of the business planning meeting, using our knowledge and experience to help plan a business, to avoid having to make the mistakes themselves, and allowing them to make a decision with their head rather than a gut feel. How it’s an honest assessment and the forecasts have been accredited by the BFA

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Setting up a Travel Business

Joanne Aldridge the Head of Franchise will be discussing what happens when a franchisee joins, the support and structure we give from the ABTA application to logo design, and email set up

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Our accredited one to one training Program

Chris Storey our Training Manager will discuss what training modules we cover, the importance of us being able to tailor each session, the value of spreading the sessions our over a 10 week period rather than cramming it all into one week and assessments to make sure you fully understand before moving onto the next module

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How we support our franchisees

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Our partners

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Marketing a Travel Business

Franchisee and The Holiday Franchise Company

One to one meetings

The Holiday Franchise Company
Discovery Day

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Why partner with us?

We have a number of unique features to ensure you are set up for success:

Build Your Own Brand

Own Branded Website

Start Part-Time

Not Restricted by Territory

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Accredited Training Program

Flexible 1-2-1 Training

Access to 500+ Suppliers

Own In House Tour Operator

Cloud Based Systems

No Cost to Scale Your Business

We Only Take 2% Commission

No Renewal Fee

Run by Travel Professionals

Business Planning Meeting


British Franchise Association

Plus Much More