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Our Conference 2022


This year we hosted our first annual conference for our franchisees in Birmingham. This was a two day event, where we brought our franchisees together for a business update, supplier networking, planning for a stronger future, as well as celebrating our achievements with a dinner and award ceremony.

The Conference was a huge success, to learn more check out our itinerary and photos below

Our Support Team


Jordan Luxton Marketing Manager, Chris Storey Training Manager, Luke Western Head of Sales & Marketing, Joanne Aldridge Head of Franchise, Jenna McCullagh Business Development Manager, Kimberly Hood Business Development Executive and Lili Ivaonva Marketing Executive.

Our Itinerary

Day One

Holidaysplease Trading Update
Presented by Richard Dixon

Current Market Trends & Peaks
Presented by Charles Duncombe

My Journey
Presented by Joanne Aldridge

Being Successful in Travel
Presented by John McEwan

Our Journey

Presented by Joanne Aldridge

Presented by Nico & Elkie Nicholas

Supplier Networking
Presented by Our Suppliers

Champagne Reception
Sponsored by Travelpack

Sponsored by Travelpack

Awards Ceremony
Sponsored by Travelpack

Day Two

From Here to Extraordinary
Presented by Matthew Bagwell

Planning for a Stronger Future
Presented by The Head Office Team

image 43
Matthew Bagwell

Photos from Day One of Conference

Our Supplier Networking Event

Our Sales Banding Awards

Evening Presentation Final Page 04 768x432 1

Suzie Nelson

Cochoa Travel

Andrea Stanley

Colubiris Travel

Sarah Edston

Edston Luxury Travel

Alicia Sharpe

Luxeco Holidays

Amisha Patel

Tailored Retreats

Philippa Ferguson

The Holiday Botique

Harry & Jade Shirt


Dave Sheldon

Undiscovered Escapes

Bridget Perriman

Wordclass Adventures

Ross Griffiths

Your Endless Travel
Evening Presentation Final Page 15 768x432 1

Scott Whitehead & Jamie Laidlaw

Dream Big Travel

Natalie Woods

Sandalwood Escapes

Jenny Stephens

Tiger Eye Travel

Ayesha Ellis

Escapes by Ellis
Evening Presentation Final Page 20 768x432 1

Andrea King & Julie Eze

Holiday Warriors

Siân Partridge

Make Holiday Memories
Evening Presentation Final Page 23 768x432 1

Victor Hillman

Holidays Deluxe

Our Awards

Evening Presentation Final Page 25 768x432 1
Top Onboarding Preparation

Lindsey & Mike Woodham owners of Awaken Adventure Travel

PIC00138 scaled

Top Onboarding Graduate

Jonathan Gillbanks owner of Signature Travels

PIC00149 scaled

Top Training Graduate

Paul Tavner owner of Marvellous Escapes

PIC00159 scaled

Top Hear 2 Help Graduate

Mike Maughan-Brown owner of Wagtail Travel

PIC00167 scaled

Top Journey to Success User

Sarah Thompson one of the owners of Mapping Your Travel

PIC00178 1 scaled

Top Performing Agency For Customer Service

Jenny Stephens owner of Tiger Eye Travel

PIC00190 1 scaled

Top Performing Agency for Revenue

Victor Hillman owner of Holidays Deluxe

PIC00200 1 scaled

Top Performing Agency For Profit

Victor Hillman owner of Holidays Deluxe

PIC00229 1 scaled

Top Performing Agency For Discount

Ross Griffths owner of Your Endless Travel

Evening Presentation Final Page 43 768x432 1

Top Performing Agency For Conversions

Scott Whitehead one of the owners of Dream Big Travel

PIC00248 1 scaled

Highest Number of Bookings Through Elegant Escapes

Andrea King owner & Julie Eze employee of Holiday Warriors

PIC00258 1 scaled

Top Performing Google Ads

Victor Hillman owner of Holidays Deluxe

PIC00273 1 scaled

Most Creative Website Content

Natalie Woods owner of Sandalwood Escapes

PIC00283 1 scaled

Most Engaging Social Media

Alicia Sharpe owner of Luxeco Holidays

PIC00296 1 scaled

Most Active In their Local Community

Suzie Nelson owner of Cochoa Travel

PIC00311 1 scaled

Leading Marketing Partnerships

Bobbie Staden owner of Marlborough Travel

PIC00321 1 scaled

Greatest Overall Marketing

Natalie Woods the Owner of Sandalwood Escapes

Franchisees of The Year

PIC00334 1 scaled

New Franchisee of The Year

Cat & Brett Sanders owners of Over the Moon Escapes

PIC00354 1 scaled

Franchisee of the Year

Siân Partridge owner of Make Holiday Memories

Photos from the Awards & Dinner

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