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Work from home, don’t live at work.

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Starting a travel business from home is an amazing opportunity to take control of your future, be your own boss, get a great work/life balance and make a great income. 

Working at home has become the new norm for millions of people over the last year. Some love it, some hate it, and I think the difference is knowing how to work at home, without allowing it to become living at work.

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To make it work you need the right mix of structure, discipline, planning, and space. 

I’ve asked a few of our franchisees and members of the team what they do to help them stay productive and happy! 


Luxeco Holidays

Alicia Sharpe – Luxeco Holidays

I’ve been doing time blocking in a paper planner. That way, I designate certain times for specific tasks and don’t end up spending hours on one task- I feel like I get more accomplished that way.

Cochoa Travel

Suzie Nelson – Cochoa Travel

The key things I find really helpful are: 

  • Fresh air in the day for at least half-hour just to switch off and re-energise 
  • Designated work space with a calming diffuser and candle burning 
  • To-do list with highlighted tasks for the day in order of priority so I don’t feel weighed down or overwhelmed 
  • Crazy as it sounds getting dressed and make up for the day.  Living in tracksuit bottoms and hoodies early lockdown was a real de-motivator! 
  • Plenty of breaks away from the laptop!


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Sarah Beardall – Tailored Luxury Travel

Wearing work clothes, not just leggings and a t-shirt. I sit at a desk and a designated space, so I can walk away from my desk. Definitely fresh air and a walk no matter the weather.


Holiday Warriors

Andrea King – Holiday Warriors

I have had to tell myself to move from my desk and Yoga is an important part of the day now as well as music and coffee breaks.

Your Limitless Travel

Ross Griffiths – Travelstylers

Podcasts and audiobooks seem to have become a big part of my lifestyle over the last 12 months. 20-30 mins in the morning and evening, whether it is educational or motivational helps a lot with focus.

Jordan Luxton

Jordan Luxton – Marketing Manager

  • sit away from the TV
  • Get dressed and washed like you would if you were going to work
  • Make sure you take your breaks
  • Set up a dedicated work area that doesn’t interfere with your personal life

Chris Storey

Chris Storey – Training & Development Executive

I have a designated workplace but I do feel sometimes it does me good to work in different areas of the house, when possible, it helps with my posture to move around a bit, but the workplace has to be suitable –  as nice as it sounds sitting on the sofa isn’t great for my back!

As simple as it sounds headphones have really helped me concentrate. I am easily distracted so I have ‘power hours’ where I put them on and listen to some feel-good songs whilst I type away. 

Totally agree with Suzie and Sarah, regular fresh air breaks are key. 

Finally, I think keeping in touch with people also really helps. It can be lonely working from home so jumping on a Slack call with a colleague or phoning a friend on a break helps me feels more connected and improves my mood!


Luke Western

Luke Western – Head of Sales & Marketing

  1. I make sure I get outside for an hour during the day for my lunch, no matter the weather. I come back from these runs or walks feeling re-energised.
  2. Have a playlist that lifts you up!! It’s amazing the influence that music can have on you. We all have times when we’re tired or not feeling it for whatever reason, but you can pull yourself out of that. I have two go to uplifting playlists (don’t judge me) the first is ‘Trance Classics’ on Spotify 😀 and the second is the album, The Young and Hopeless by Good Charlotte.
  3. Have a dedicated workspace. I NEVER work sat on the sofa, because that’s living at work. When I’m working, I have a sit-down and a stand-up desk that I can change in between. I have these workspaces so I can walk away from work when I need to, without having to leave home!


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