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Why I’m proud of what we do.

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Helping people start their own businesses, training in everything from logo design, to creating a website and marketing their business, takes a lot of work. 

I know the team, and I feel a big sense of responsibility for our franchisees. They’ve placed their trust in us to guide and support them throughout their journey to business success. 

We’re lucky to have such a great support team with so much knowledge that they’re happy to pass on. 

Our training goes into great detail, meaning all of our franchisees can become experts in a number of areas, one of which is Google Ads. 

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Learning Google Ads from scratch takes a lot of work and support, and it’s great when our franchisees commit to mastering them. 

I’ve been reading through some of our testimonials, so I would like to share some with you here. 

Here’s an email we recently received from someone who, at the start of her journey, feared them:

.Holiday Warriors

Hi All … but specifically Luke and Jordan

Just to say a big thank you! I was so happy to see Holiday Warriors appear on page 2 and 3 on google and not paid advertising. See below.

I have also converted two bookings from my google adverts from only 222 clicks and a small handful of enquiries these past few days, which has been tough as Easy jet and Jet2 Holidays but now will be clients for more holidays in the future.

From being traumatised with Google adverts, I now Love making them and am busy making Canada- Vietnam and Cambodia my targets.

Thanks so much for your support

Andrea King, Owner of Holiday Warriors


This is something I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs. Knowing how to market your business is so important. You should have more of a plan than writing a list of people you know. Our business does not rely on you having a big network of people. That might help you get started, but in the long run you’ll find it hard to grow. 

Building relationships with our franchisees is so important. There is a lot to do when you’re starting a new business and we guide you through each step. When you get started with training, you’ll be with our Training & Development Exec, Chris. He’s extremely knowledgeable, has a proven background of training within the travel industry and is very personable. 

We had a LOT of applications from incredible candidates when we advertised his job in the heart of the COVID pandemic, and the feedback we’re receiving shows us we made the best decision:


Thank you so much – the session today was great and incredibly helpful. Your recommendations are spot on!! I will work through the materials and can’t wait for Nudge’s website to come together – noted your point on Asia & building the levels. 

Speak on Thursday and again, thank you for all the materials, support and recommendations!

Sonelle De Klerk, Owner of Nudge Travel


Screenshot 2021 03 05 163757

Thank you for today I was actually really nervous about today but as always you made me feel at ease.  Thank you so much for bearing with my spelling and backspacing taking longer than normal.

I always have a bit of nerves about typing live in front of someone. However, you make me feel ok about it.  So thank you very very much.

Sarah – Tailored Luxury Travel


It’s not only about the training, it’s the ongoing support and guidance. 



The Holiday Toolbox

As our launch was a few months after training, Jo and Luke offered ongoing support to enable us to deliver a quality web site, and create our Google Ad campaigns ready for our “go live” date. Paul has found Lukes expertise in Ad words a major help, and it is great to know that both of them are always just a phone call or email away to offer support and guidance which is so valuable when you are venturing into something new.

Lynda Wyatt, Owner of the Holiday Toolbox


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Jo and Luke are always at the end of the phone for anything I’ve been stuck with and I’m very grateful for everything they have done to help me so far!

Siân Partridge, Owner of Make Holiday Memories


We offer open and honest advice and feedback from day one to make sure that every franchisee is completely happy with their decision to join.



Knightley Holidays

We decided to take the next step and booked a business planning meeting with Luke at their offices. The meeting was attended by us, Luke, Jo and one of their Directors Charles. Within this meeting, all our questions and quires were answered, and we were given a vast insight to the travel industry and The Holiday Franchise and we went through our ideas for our travel company.

Anthony and Oliver Knightley, Owners of Knightley Holidays


Even if it means that someone decides not to join us, because we’d rather have 10 happy franchisees than 100 unhappy franchisees:



“After weighing things up, I have decided not to progress any further with the franchise.

My decision is based purely on the fact that, if I’m honest with myself, I don’t think I would have enough time to dedicate to ensuring the business meets the standard I want from it from the outset, which would frustrate me. If I was already in a part-time role, I think I would have gone for it.

In terms of the franchise itself, I think it’s great and think you guys are on to a winner. You and the team were very professional and set things out in a logical manner without any pressure which I was impressed by.”

Joseph Parkes


I feel proud of the business we’re growing here. As our franchise network expands so does our support. The role of Jenna, our Business Development Executive, is to help you make more sales. She has nearly 20 years of experience doing exactly what you’ll be doing and is always pushing to make your business more successful:



Cochoa Travel

Jenna has been instrumental to the success of not only the launch of our business back in September but to the support that she has provided since. Her response times and regular reassurance, along with ensuring that updates about not only the sector and the impact on our business are provided regularly, but the training and ongoing development for us have certainly continued to prove why we chose the holiday franchise company as a partner.

Suzie Nelson, Owner of Cochoa Travel


We see franchising as a partnership, and we’re here to help build great businesses. If this is something you’re thinking about doing and you’d like to talk it through without being sold to, book a call today!

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