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Why do we see so much value in one to one training?

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One of the things that make us stand out as a franchisor is our one-to-one training program, and it’s something we’re not going to change.

But we’re not going to not change it simply because it helps us stand out, but because our franchisees get so much out of it.

Each session goes at the pace of the franchisees, but it’s not just about the session itself. Each one is tailored to that unique business and business owner, and because training is spread out over a 10-week period it allows us to set pre coursework and follow up sessions to check understanding before moving on.

If these were group sessions and you didn’t understand something, the trainer would have to move on with you still having questions, because they’d have 10-15 other people to focus on.

Checking your understanding throughout training is key to the success of our franchisees, as well have having tasks to complete afterwards in order to cement knowledge.

For us as a franchisor, training in groups, even if they were small 5-6 people in a group, would be much easier. We’d save a lot of time but this isn’t something we’re willing to compromise on.

We don’t want our franchisees to be lost in a crowd of voices, we’d rather build strong relationships and a solid understanding, and we’re demonstrating that we’re committed to quality rather than quantity.

This was further highlighted when The Institute of  Travel & Tourism accredited our training program, named Journey to Success.

On top of Journey to Success, training, we have our outstanding ‘industry-leading training portal’ Journey to Success Portal, which hosts thousands of pieces of training material from sales training, systems, destination & supplier training.

logo tw

“This is a market-leading training portal, if you’re a complete novice or an established agent there are vast amounts of content here for you to learn and develop your business”

- Travelweekly

“Wow – how long has this taken you guys to put this together because it’s massively comprehensive – I think it offers your franchises a huge resource, really valuable, really, really well done!”

- British Franchise Association
lloyds bank

“Really in-depth, compared to a lot of big established brands it going into a lot more detail. It really is impressive when I compare it against, not just in travel, but across different sectors and different businesses that I’ve seen.”

- Lloyds Bank
ITT logo 600px 1

“From a personal side, I love it, from an ITT perspective, what I particularly like is one of our key raison d’etres and one of our key goals is to drive professionalism in the industry which is getting a little bit of a bad rep at the moment due to certain things happening in the industry, so when I’m seeing things like this that’s really great because that to me, is what we should be shouting about. For me, this ticks the boxes from an ITT perspective in terms of driving professionalism.”

- Institute of Travel & Tourism
natwest bank logo

A gamechanger for your franchisees

- Natwest

It’s never been so easy to se your own travel business up

- John McEwan
HFC Website Testimonial Logos 7

It all looks really good – it’s a lot of work and I think it’s brilliant that you’ve brought all of the stuff that we had available together.

- Natwest

Our schedule of our training fits around you. There are no group intakes.

You’ll speak with us and together we’ll get a sensible training program in place to guide you from scratch to a business and brand owner.

jts image training

So if you’re considering starting a travel business and want to get off to the best possible start, consider the training you’re going to receive.

  • Is the training tailored to you and your business?
  • How much individual attention from the trainer will you get?
  • What follow up training will you receive?


Give us a call on 0121 200 5561 to discuss how our training program and support can benefit you.

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