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Where would I find my customers?

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This is a question I get asked – A LOT

A few years ago, I was approached by a franchise. I was working as a travel agent at the time and doing well. I had a conversation with them about finding customers. How will I get customers?

The job I was in, provided all the enquiries I could take, so it was just a case of speaking with people, finding the right holiday for them and selling it to them. 

This new opportunity meant that I had to find my own customers, and how on earth would I do that?

Where would I find my customers?

The answer I was given was to write down at least 50 people that I know, and that is the start of a customer base, and that’s where I would get my customers. 

I didn’t join. I didn’t see how relying on friends and family was a sensible business model. It’s seemed like a one-dimensional approach and one that wouldn’t work for me. 

Now I sit on the other side of that question. 

  • “I love to travel and really like the idea of this but where would I get my customers?”
  • “How would I find customers?”
  • “I know nothing about marketing, how would that work?”
  • “I don’t have a huge social network, so where would my customers come from?”
  • “I work in travel, and so do my friends so they wouldn’t need to book with me, where would I get customer from?”

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, read on…

I can give a solid, no fluff answer to any of these questions. 


Since 2002 we’ve advertised our travel business using PPC. We’ve spent millions, and made many millions more doing this and we show you how to do it. This is called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and is covered in-depth in our accredited training program, Journey to Success 

It’s not just fluffy advice, it’s in-depth training that will benefit your travel business and any advertising you want to do in the future. This is a real skill that you’re learning through one to one, tailored training. 

Our training is broken down into easy to manage sessions and documented into step by step guides, and videos that are always available in our E-Learning library. 

The really important thing to realise here is that this training is based upon 18 years+ of real-life experience, it’s not like we’ve just gone to university and got the degree, we’ve done it and are still doing it day in and day out. 

Our franchisees find this essential when starting a new business:

Wagtail Travel

“This was an extremely thorough and detailed training on Google Ads. It was well organised, well presented and thoroughly enjoyable. The objectives of the course were achieved 100%.”

– Mike Maughan-Brown owner of Wagtail Travel



Holidays Deluxe

“Lukes knowledge with Google Ads has proved to be invaluable – producing many enquiries to our website at reasonable outlay. His patience dealing with our queries is really appreciated even when we have called him late in the day.”

– Victor Hillman owner of Holidays Deluxe


Along with PPC advertising, you can advertise your business in many other ways, such as social media, local marketing, and power partnerships.

It’ll take work for you to get your campaigns ready to create enquiries, and you’ll be doing this during the 12-14 weeks business set up time. 

Our Holiday Designer Plus package includes 6 online marketing reviews that will help fine-tune your advertising campaigns, getting more enquiries for less.

Ready to discover more?

Get in touch today!

If you’d like to hear a great example of how these sessions can directly lead to helping you find a new niche and generate more sales, book a call with me here

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