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What is The British Franchise Association & why is membership so important?

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When you’re considering starting any franchise, you’ll be advised to look into whether each franchisor is a member of the bfa, and if not why not. When asking this question, be aware that there are ‘associations’ out there, that anybody can pay to be a part of.

The British Franchise Group (bfa) was founded in 1977 and is the UK’s first and largest not-for-profit trade association for franchising and is the only association to work in partnership with the European Franchise Federation (EFF)and World Franchise Council (WFC), influencing standards and legislation across Europe.

All members of the British Franchise Association are required to follow a code of ethics. Their lawyers will review the franchise agreement from the perspective of the franchisee to ensure that it is fair to both parties.

We are extremely proud to be part of the ambitious bfa family. The group are built on key foundations and strong ethics, guided by a clear set of values that take us all close to our vision:

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As a franchisor, joining the bfa community demonstrates our commitment to ethical and sustainable franchising, and serves as a seal of approval that we satisfy the high standards set.

The franchise industry has come a long way in a short period of time, demonstrating its power and prosperity throughout the covid-19 pandemic. Today, the franchise business model is used in a wide range of industries, from home-based dog walking firms to multi-national retail operations, and opportunities like ours, setting you your own online travel agency. Opportunities can be tailored to individuals who desire and are able to work a full-time workweek, as well as entrepreneurs who want to fit their business around them and work less than 25 hours per week

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when faced with such a diverse range of industry types, formats, markets, and investment levels, but we’re here to help. The bfa is there to assist and support you, from helping you grasp the principles of franchising to discovering the appropriate brand for you (and everything in between!) with the help of our experienced partners.

The most important consideration when choosing a franchise brand for you is to make sure you’re investing in a business that’s ethical, proven, and truly transferable.

Why invest in a Franchise from a bfa Member?

Investing in a bfa member ensures that the brand has been independently vetted and is actively dedicated to ethical franchising in compliance with the European Code of Ethics. Every member’s accreditation is reviewed on a regular basis; it is not a one-time event.


As the only UK franchise trade association to be a member of the European Franchise Federation, we are a key representative with European Franchising. We own an extension to the code that is developed and upheld in collaboration with industry experts for the bfa and its members. This has enabled the bfa to effectively influence Ethical Business Format Franchising in the UK Since 1977 and support an environment where franchising can thrive.

The bfa is a key representative within European Franchising and the only UK franchise trade association that is a member of the European Franchise Federation. The bfa owns an extension to the code that was developed and maintained in collaboration with industry experts for the benefit of the bfa and its members. This has allowed the bfa to effectively influence Ethical Business Format Franchising in the UK since 1977, as well as foster an environment conducive to franchising’s success.


The only way to avoid costly and time-consuming legislation is to ensure that standards evolve over time to address the risks associated with these issues. Franchisees and Franchisors who join the bfa pledge to work together with the bfa to advance a sector dedicated to operating fair business models and promoting ethical and sustainable business opportunities for all.

The Holiday Franchise Company

It has taken a lot of work and investment from The Holiday Franchise Company to become an affiliate member of the bfa.

We love travel and we want to see the industry grow in the right way. We’d love to see a market where everyone is operating honestly and ethically, giving the best support available to their franchisees, to inspire more confidence in travel agencies.

Unfortunately, ruthless, unqualified recruitment has been the norm for too long, and I still surprise people daily with my approach and honest talk about the opportunity.

After understanding what people are looking for in an opportunity, I’ve pointed people towards our ‘competitors’ rather than bend the truth about what we offer.

I’ll say again that we do what we do, we do it very well, and we’re proud of that. If we’re not what you’re looking for, that’s fine.

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