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What actually makes us different?

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People throw around the term USP (unique selling point) too often. Having ABTA & ATOL protection isn’t a USP, having cloud-based systems isn’t a USP, so what actually makes The Holiday Franchise Company different and what should you be getting excited about?

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The Discovery Process

The difference with us starts now. 

We do not employ pressure sales tactics, no imminent price increase, ‘join now or miss out on this, that, or the other.’

We believe that a well thought our process, making sure you’re asking the right questions of us, our competitors, and yourself will lead to high quality and happier franchisees in our community.

Unlike most in the market, we actually put barriers up, such as our business planning meeting to make sure you’re absolutely happy before joining us. 

For us, franchising is a partnership and like any successful partnership, it has to be a two-way relationship.  


Holiday Warriors

“I personally feel that the induction programme for the Franchisee is well thought out and has been very timely in my journey, yes I have had to revisit and make a few amends but it has totally focused me to understand how to achieve my goals.”

Andrea King, Owner of Holiday Warriors


Business Planning Meeting

As part of the discovery process with us, you’ll go through a business planning meeting, in which we work with you to produce a forecast of your first 12 months in business, based on the markets you are interested in. 

For us, this is a vital sense check for you, and for us. It allows you to get a realistic view of what we would expect your business to look like. We also talk to you about cashflow vs P&L and ‘How can this go wrong?

So when you’ve made the decision that you’d like to join us and we if think the partnership would be successful, we’ll invite you to attend the meeting with our director Charles and a member of the franchise team. The meeting costs £500.00 + VAT and comes out of your franchise fee.

After the meeting, in order of preference, the following will happen:

  1. You look at the numbers, take on board our advice and decide that you’d like to progress and join us as a franchisee. We’ll send you the franchise agreement and invoice.
  2. You look at the numbers, take on board our advice and decide that this isn’t for you. At that point, we can shake hands and go our separate ways, and at least you haven’t lost an entire franchise fee.
  3. If we decide to pull out of the agreement, we’ll refund you’re the deposit and not invite you onboard as a franchisee. This only happens if we believe the business won’t be successful, or if we believe the partnership would fail.


“Another determining factor and one of the biggest positives was the business planning meeting early on in the process, which left me with the question why other franchisors don’t do this before asking to commit, is beyond me!”

Sonelle De Klerk, Owner of Nudge Travel


One to one training – tailored to you

Each module is broken down into manageable sessions help you get as much as possible out of it. Instead of sitting in a classroom (or on Zoom) in a group and being talked at for a week, we do everything one to one, and it’s tailored around you.

Training includes five core training modules delivered over seven one to one sessions, as well as ongoing e-learning, covering destinations, suppliers, airlines and operational efficiency.

The five core training modules are:

  • Creating & maintaining your website
  • Marketing your business (Google Ads)
  • Bespoke supplier networking and product
  • In-house customer management system
  • Sales techniques


The training program named, Journey to Success, has been accredited by the Institute of Travel and Tourism and we’ve had great testimonials from people that have completed it and are now following their dreams of building their own branded travel business.


Luxeco Holidays

“The training has been invaluable. I really like the fact that it is spread out, leaving a couple weeks between each session in order to let the information sink in and be put into practice. The trainers are knowledgeable and put you at ease. the pacing is perfect. I am incredibly” pleased with my experience so far.

Alicia Sharpe, Owner of Luxeco Holidays


Building your own brand

Although building your own brand isn’t truly a USP, it’s worth of being mentioned here. When you build a brand with us, we’ll help with everything from creating your logo, colour scheme of your website, business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, social media banners. 

You’ll build your own website using our easy to use software, which will generate enquiries for your business.


The Holiday Toolbox

The fact that we had autonomy over the name and branding of our new business was refreshing and we absolutely love the control we have over our website.

Lynda Wyatt, Owner of The Holiday Toolbox



Our model is set up for growth. You’ll be building and running your own brand in the travel industry, and as your business grows you may want to grow a team around you. Our systems are set up to allow ‘users’ with different permissions, allowing you to expand your business without too many growing pains. 

We started our own travel business on a £6,000 investment back in 2002 and that business has grown every year and now has over 100 self-employed sales staff working from home, which demonstrates we have a proven model that works.

There are plenty of other key features of our proposition.

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