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Ten reasons The Holiday Franchise could be the perfect partner to start your own online travel agency.

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1. Knowledge.

We’ve built our own travel business from scratch, from a £6,000 investment to turning over £40m. We’ve been in the trenches, fought the battles and know exactly what it takes, and how to do it.

2. Support.

Our whole model is about supporting ambitious business people to create something for their future. We have a dedicated support team who are there to help you maximise your earnings.

3. Training.

We’ve aimed at people who are new to travel, which is why our training is always one-to-one. Training for us is not just a tick-box exercise, we break each session down into small bitesize sessions that are spread out over a 12-week period, meaning you have more time to learn, practice, and master the skills you need to be successful.

4. Bonding.

You have your own ABTA number, and you’ll be selling ATOL bonded holidays, meaning you and your customers are totally protected.

5. Systems.

We have a host of purpose-built systems that allow you to run your business smoothly. They’re all designed and owned by us, allowing us to make constant upgrades. Our Journey to Success is an industry-leading e-learning system with over 3000 pieces of content, from destination lessons, to Google Ads training, sales training, and much more.

6. Accreditations.

The Holiday Franchise Company are accredited by the British Franchise Association, who are apply an ethical code of conduct in the franchise industry. Our who model has been scrutinised by the BFA, and our franchise agreement has been accredited by their lawyers who look at it from an ethical point of view for franchisees.

7. Build Your Own Brand.

This is something we’ve very proud of. We help you build a business for you! Many of our competitors ask you to trade under their name, which helps build their brand along with hundreds of other consultants. We don’t call our franchisees ‘consultants’, we call them business partners, because they own their businesses. This allows them to build a brand their proud of and equity for their future.

8. Commission.

Our unique model allows you to keep more from day one. We only take 2% of revenue. To explain this, on a £5,000 booking, we’ll only take £100. On average you’ll be making £650 commission on that booking, leaving you with £550. We do this from day one, to allow our franchisees to reinvest profits back into their business.

9. Payouts.

We pay our commission when the customer has paid in full. Most of our competitors only pay from the holiday has been fulfilled, or in some cases, three months after the customer has returned. Again, we do this to allow quick cashflow in your business.

10. Business Planning Meeting.

We want to make sure that we’re partnering with the right people, and our business planning meeting is there as a sense check for both parties. We want to make sure that you’re interested in markets that have a high chance of success. This keeps our franchisee retention rate high. We won’t work with just anyone, we want to make sure that each franchisee has what it takes to be a successful long term business partner.

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