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Whenever we’re designing new technology for our franchisees, we ask ourselves “What would we have wanted when we started in travel?”

We have a host of systems, with different features hosted on them. One of the game changers for our franchisees is a custom-built system called Supplier Search.

ss 1

The idea was to enable a franchisee to know exactly which tour operators to go to for any type of holiday.

When you’re getting started in travel, this can be frustrating, flicking through spreadsheets and notes trying to find out which one of the 200 tour operators to approach for Kenya, for example.

With Supplier Search, you just type the name, hit search and let the system tell you can approach for this…

ss 2

You can click on any of the tour operator profiles to view more information:

ss 3

As you scroll down the page you’ll see more and more information, including webinars the Tour Operator have done for us in the past.

This is just one of the systems designed to help you run your business efficiently. Our franchisees love it and they labelled it a ‘game changer’ when we introduced it.

To see a more detailed video of Supplier Search, watch this video here

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