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Start with Why, and we will take care of the ‘How’ and ‘What.’

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If you have landed on this page, you are probably searching for ways to start a new business or an opportunity to earn an income from home by creating your travel agency.

But with all this information and opportunities presented in front of you, it might be overwhelming to choose where to start. Well, why not start with ‘Why’? Have you heard of the ‘Golden circle’ model? It is a framework or theory created by Simon Sinneck in 2009 to explore why some businesses succeed and some people become great leaders. Why, How, and What are the core questions a leader or a company has to answer to stand out from the crowd, create value for the customers and succeed in the business world.


By using the golden circle, the right way from the inside out, you may find the perfect business model. As Simon Sinek suggests, the first question you have to answer is ‘Why’, a.k.a what your motivation or purpose for is starting your business. Is it because you have a passion for travel, want to leave a legacy for your family, seek financial freedom, or want a career change?

‘Why’ is the purpose of the business. The story that makes your business unique. Most importantly, the driver that will keep you pushing on your business when the motivation is gone, and you have challenging moments.

To identify your why – ask yourself the question ‘Why’ as many times as needed until you find the fundamental reason. You may have a similar conversation: ‘Why do I want to start a business?’ – Because I want to leave a legacy to my family.

Why do I want to leave a legacy for my family? I want them to have a good life and travel around the world.

Why do I want them to have a good life and travel worldwide? – Because I know this is their most prominent dream. Why do I want to start my business – because I want to make my family’s dream come true and ensure there is no financial barrier on their journey.

Once you have identified your core ‘Why’, we will help you with ‘How’ and ‘What’ of your business. ‘How’ refers to the process of delivering your offer, and ‘What’ is what you offer.

The delivery process will be done mainly through your bespoke lead generation website that will enable you to market your travel agency to the whole of the UK.

What you offer will be tailored to your expertise and desired destinations. We have access to hundreds of suppliers to ensure you offer the best holidays.

And because a successful business requires you to grow alongside, we have 1-to-1 training to help you develop essential business and marketing skills.

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