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Ready for that career change?

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Something I’m noticing more and more whilst speaking with people about starting a travel agency, is more and more people are ready to switch careers. 

I did some research, and the stats say that over 50% of people say they’re looking for a career change this year, with two in three employees looking for a better work-life balance.

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So if you’re not entirely satisfied with your current situation, you are not alone. 

It could point to the introspective world we’ve been living in for over 12 months, which has helped us identify what makes us happy or unhappy. A high percentage of people I’m speaking with are worried about what their lives will look like when the world goes back to usual. 

Will they have to go back into the office? How many hours are they going to lose to commuting into a job they’re not satisfied with? 

Employees looking for flexibility in their role has increased by 12% since 2018, and I think fear of losing this particular benefit of life working from home has a lot to do with more people looking to become their own boss.

Part of the conversation I have when this is the case is talking about the difference, stepping from an employed role, to the owner of a business. 

  • If you’re used to someone having to push you to do your job, running a business isn’t for you. 
  • If you know that deep down, you’re not a driven person, running a business isn’t for you. 
  • If you find it impossible to stay positive when things are tough, running a business isn’t for you. 

Doubt is a weed that needs very little to grow.

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If there is any part of you that makes you think that you’re not going to be successful, with every knockback it will that doubt will grow stronger. 

The franchisees that are joining us are a very friendly and driven bunch. In the last two weeks had people that have built and sold successful businesses and top sellers in previous roles and I (and more importantly they) have no doubt that they’ll be successful starting their own online travel agency. 

In the same report, 47% of those surveyed said they would rather have a friendly workplace than a 3 per cent pay rise. I know we’re not offering a ‘workplace’, but you are buying into a community or friendly, driven, and successful business people. 

When is the right time to change your career? Only you can answer that

What should you do? Something you’re passionate about and something to improve your future.

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