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Passion is Priceless

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If you’re not passionate about travel and building your own business, keep your money. Don’t join us. I truly mean that. Spend it on something you’re passionate about!

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I’ve written about personality, grit, and drive, being key ingredients for building your own successful travel business. But something that is more important than all of these, is passion. 

Without passion for what you do, it’s a chore. When you’re passionate about your business, working in it will be enjoyable, and when you enjoy something, you’ll want to do it more.

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We’re lucky to be living in a time where there is sooooo much opportunity. The internet means that ANYBODY can start a business at any time. Whether it’s going all in, or as a ‘side hustle (what’s the English version of side hustle??) 

I think the hard part is knowing what industry to do it in? This is where you need to know what you’re passionate about. Don’t chase the money. 

There is no such thing as easy money. No matter what, you’ll need to work for it, so don’t do something you’re not going to enjoy.

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