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One size fits ONE

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If you had to buy a suit and each option was similar in price, would you:

a) buy an ‘off the shelf’ suit that hundreds of others have that you have to try to fit into. It might fit you around the shoulders, but it comes up a bit short at the sleeve

b) buy a tailormade suit that’s built around you and your vision. You pick the fabric, the cut, the finish, and the details. It’s one of a kind, fits you perfectly, and looks exactly how you want it to look

Buy a business, don’t rent one. 

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Think about houses. If you rent, you can put as much work into the place as you like, but when you come to move out you’ve only added value for the landlord. 

If you own your own place, every drop of energy you’ve put into it has added value, and you own it so that extra value is yours. 

So when it comes to starting a travel business, why would you want to pay to work for someone else and help build their brand? Why would you try to force the suit to fit? Why would you want to add value to their house? 

I know for some, that suit will fit perfectly, but I think it’s worth getting measured for a tailormade one first. What have you got to lose?

You could end up with your own brand, with its own look, but safe in the knowledge that the infrastructure is sound, like your very own house, that for every drop of energy you put into it, you’re adding equity into it. 

We’ve got the knowledge, systems, support, suppliers, the passion. All you need to do is make it yours, just like our franchisees have.

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