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It’s not just about joining the family but becoming part of it. 

I always talk about how much of a relationship we build with our franchisees and the close one to one head office support our franchisees have from us from day one. 

When a franchisee joins us, one of the first things we do is introduce them to the whole team. What I love about this, is that our franchisees have the individual attention of head office, and it remains this way throughout your time with us. It’s all about you.

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The Holiday Franchise Company stood out to me due to the care and passion they have for their franchisees. Luke was always available to deal with any questions I had, making the onboarding process stress-free. All discussions and next steps were done in my own time and when I felt ready to move forward, without the pressure of being pushed. The support team have made me feel extremely welcome and I can’t wait to start my journey here”

By Sam Colbert-Smith

It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know who you’ve partnered with. 

Luke WesternHead of Sales & Marketing 

Luke Western

My main role is to support you in your search for the right franchise partner. I work on the

development of our proposition to ensure we identify new tools and resources to support you.



Joanne AldridgeHead of Franchise 

Joanne Aldridge

I’ll be supporting you through your onboarding experience, taking you through all the steps

needed to create, build and launch your business. I’ll help turn your vision into reality.


Chris StoreyTraining & Development Executive

Chris Storey

My role is to ensure you have all the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the role of a Travel Agent. I’ll be arranging and delivering all of the training sessions that form our accredited induction programme ‘Journey to Success’ and will offer additional support of putting your new skills into practice when your business has launched.


Jenna McCullagh Business Development Executive

Jenna McCullagh

I’ll be supporting you once your business is live. My main role is to ensure you are maximising every sale opportunity through delivering outstanding customer service, differentiating yourself from the competition, enhancing your customer’s experience and maximising your earning potential.

Hayley Stanton Graphic Designer


I will create and develop your brand vision. It is my job to take on board your ideas and turn them

into a brand identity that is luxurious, recognisable and encompasses the essence of your business The brand logo you choose will then evolve across print materials, social media and online presence. This is a truly exciting part of your journey.


Jordan Luxton Marketing Manager

Jordan Luxton

My role is to share cutting edge knowledge on marketing, so you know what channels to use, and to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your investment.



After the call, the team will be in contact with you individually to guild you through getting your business started. 

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming knowing what you have to do to get started, but you should feel comfortable that we have a comprehensive onboarding checklist for you to work through at your own pace.

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