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Marketing a Travel Business

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I don’t think we make a big enough thing about just how much detail we go into with marketing a travel business.

Most franchise opportunities out there offer ‘marketing’ training. The key is to really dig and find out just what that training includes.

With us, it’s not just the ‘fluffy’ stuff like dropping some flyers or networking at the school gates, it’s real and proven online marketing.

Every one of our franchisees has the opportunity to market their business to the whole UK marketplace, using proven and targeting marketing.

We teach you the theory and the practical side of things and during the training, you’ll set up a campaign that will deliver you enquiries for the destinations of types of holidays you’re interested in selling.

There’s no hiding that Google Ads is a complex subject to cover, but we’re experienced in delivering this training and we’re extremely proud of the feedback we receive from franchisees.

You’re the business owner and we train you how to do it, in real depth, so that as your business grows, you’ve got the skill and support to grow with it.

It all starts with learning how to write great copy for your own website, and it’s not a subdomain on someone else’s website, it’s actually yourbusienssname.co.uk.

The training is broken down into manageable sessions, allowing for pre and post coursework, which allows us to check understanding before moving on, and is tailored to every business.

You’ll also be taught how to sell that holiday to your customer when you’ve got the enquiry, and you’ll know which suppliers to use, using our brand new ‘Supplier Search Portal, which is a ‘game changer’ for our franchisees…

  • Who else is absolutely loving the supplier search function? It has definitely made my life a bit easier-thank you!
  • This is an absolute game changer!! Thanks to you all for working so hard to put it together for us!
  • I have spent a lot of time on it today – totally love it 🙂
  • Wow – this is FANTASTIC! I can’t begin to imagine how long this has been in the making but it’s a superb tool to have. Huge thanks to all involved!
  • It’s an absolute godsend… It’s such a great tool!
  • Awesome- very useful. Thank you!
  • Thanks, Guys, that’s going to be a very useful and time-saving tool going forward, love the details on the supplier’s page and the links, thanks everyone.
  • It is an amazing feature. What not to love about it!
  • It’s a brilliant addition
  • It’s amazing – so easy to search & all the information is there so quickly.  A huge well done & thank you to all involved – this is so helpful!

Google Ads is an amazing way to grow your business. If you get it wrong, you can waste a lot of money. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years and will give you one to one training as part of our franchise fee.

It’s a real tool that delivered real results, and this is just a part of our training program. The program is designed to develop you as an overall business owner, and it has been accredited by the Institute of Travel and Tourism.

JTS Learning plan

So if you’re serious about starting a serious travel business, our Journey to Success training program will deliver everything you need, to get started and to grow into a thriving business.

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