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How to find your Mr Cool.

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Recently I was reading, Up; My Life’s Journey to the Top of Everest by Ben Fogle.

As the title tells you it’s not just about the journey to the top itself, but the journey that got him to the journey to the top and that’s what I found really interesting.

Climbing Everest had been a dream of Fogles from childhood when he saw a picture in a National Geographic magazine. It amazed him (and me) that for all of human-kinds advancements and accomplishments it took us until 1953 to get to the top.

He’d find himself thinking and dreaming about Everest, but that’s all it was a dream.

Everest Base Camp mountains landscape

His story to get there is one full of preparation, partnership, dedication and execution. 

So who did he climb with? Well I won’t give away too much of the story because I recommend you read the book, but he climbed with Victoria Pendleton, an Olympic gold medallist and Kenton Cool a man who had at the time summited 12 times (now 14!!!)

What a partnership that would be, you don’t become an Olympic gold medallist and summit 12 times without the strongest of mindsets and to have the experience of someone who’s been there and done it – priceless.

“Kenton set out a two-year plan for our Everest attempt. Respect of the mountain and dedication to the project would ensure we had the best chances of summiting.”

There are so many parallels between this book and starting a business because ultimately, it takes the same ingredients to be successful – passion, preparation, dedications, and hard work. 

You get to decide on whether you start your own business alone, or with someone like Mr Cool, by your side. Someone who’s done it made the mistakes and can now help you plan your business for greater chances of success.

No one can install in you the attributes that’ll make you continue to put one foot in front of the other. That drive, dedication, motivation, has to come from within you. But you get to decide if you have someone guiding you to the top.

The star of the show is Ben Fogle, but without that steady hand of Mr Cool planning & guiding him, his chances of success would’ve been drastically reduced.

"The key is to be true to yourself"

That’s exactly how we see our business.

Each one of our franchise businesses is the star of the show.

You build your own travel brand, but you have the steady hand of someone who’s done it.

You’ve got someone that knows the process, so if you have the right attributes (and only you can answer that), we can help you get to the top.

I couldn’t end this without including one of my favourite quotes from the book.

“Life is about the pursuit of your own dream. You must follow your heart and your soul. There will always be an excuse and a reason why you shouldn’t. It’s easy to become a slave to the norms, the expectations of society. The key is to be true to yourself, To be who you are, not what other people want you to be.

Individuality is the spice of life, this heady mix can build the spirit and cement the foundations of confidence and believe me, with the confidence you can achieve anything, the confidence of belief and trust in yourself is half the battle.

Together they help build and armour to approach life with zest and energy.”

If you’re thinking of starting your own travel agency or to find out more about our travel professional investment options, get in touch on 0121 200 5561 or register your interest here.

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