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How long does it take to start my travel business?

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Something that makes our proposition for starting your own travel agency stand out in the market, is that we allow you to create your own brand. 

Each of our franchisees has worked with our in house designer, and created their very own brand, with its own logo, colour scheme, and identity, totally unique to their business.

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Our franchisees also get their own website. This is a FULL website and you can have as many pages as you want. 

We have a template that we know works to maximise your enquiries, which is available for you to use. You’ll have two one to one training sessions covering a number of subjects such as writing persuasive copy online, search engine optimisation, structuring your website, structuring a webpage, and much more. 

Creating your own website is a great part of the training process as you’ll start to see your brand come alive.

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We can get you set up and ready to trade in 12 weeks, but there is a lot of work to do in that time for you. We generally experience that once someone has joined it take the business around 16-18 weeks to ‘go live’. 

You’re going to want to be ready to go and have your website looking perfect, your marketing set up, social media ready, and much more so that you can concentrate on selling holidays to your customers.

Don’t be intimidated by the process, we have step by step guidance and the support team are here to help you with everything from registering your company, to phone lines, and insurance. 

We’ll also be registering your business with our amazing suppliers as well so that when you are ready to go, so are they. During the setting up of your business, you’ll be invited to our weekly supplier webinars and will have access to a vast library of videos so help build up your confidence and knowledge. 

You might recognise some suppliers, others will be ‘trade only’ which is great for your business.

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