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“Don’t join us. Take a look at Travel Counsellors.”

Yes, that’s honestly something I recently said on a call with a potential franchisee. 

My responsibility is for the growth of our company, so it could be easy to get blinkered by sales, easy to forget my responsibilities for ethical franchising, and just get anyone signed up to get numbers through the door.

Fortunately, I’ve helped build a company that values quality over quantity, which allows me to ensure that everyone we bring on board as a franchisee is well qualified and will be happy with us for the long term. 

Short terms easy gains can lead to long term pain. 

I recently had a conversation with someone interested in starting their own travel business. I soon understood that they weren’t interested in building a brand for themselves. They simply wanted to slot into an already existing brand and sell holidays (and that’s fine if that’s what you want).

Obviously, I highlighted the benefits of creating your own brand but then told him:

“We’re not right for you. There are a few options out there offering exactly what you want. You should take a look at Travel Counsellors. I’ve got some friends that are with them and are happy. Feel free to use our 25 great questions to ask a franchisor on our website with them.

It’s really important you find the right partner because this is a big investment. Make the right decision, and it could be life-changing. Make the wrong decision, and it could be life-changing, but in a very different way.”

We proactively ask potential franchisees to research the competition to know the options available and make an informed decision on their chosen partner.

How many other franchisors do you know that would point you directly to their competition?


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