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In October 2019 I posted about wanting to go to Glastonbury.

Next year I REALLY WANT to go to Glastonbury. It has been on my list since I can remember and for whatever rubbish excuse I have never committed to making the effort to try.

But next year I REALLY WANT to go.

Getting tickets takes a mix of organisation, effort, determination, money and luck.

This year I am led by a good friend, a serial Glastonbury-goer. He knows the dates, and the process and has the determination to get there every year. This year he said to me, ‘if I’m going – you’re going. In other words, stick with me kid.

About a month ago he sent me a message saying that to be eligible to apply for tickets I need to register. I’ve got a month to do this, so just do it when I have time. It’s easy, I just need a photo of me on a white background and to enter a few details. ‘OK’ I reply, ‘will do it ASAP, Cheers!’

Two weeks go by and I receive another message from him. ‘Hey mate, have you registered for Glasto yet?’

Had I? Of course not. In my defence, work and life had been busy – what with us winning an award, have I mentioned that?

Ah no, not yet but will do it ASAP, cheers for the reminder *fist bump* emoji.’

Two weeks later he messaged me again. ‘Did you register for Glasto the other week me mon?’ (He’s a black country boy ay ee)

My heart drops ‘No, when’s the deadline?’

I get one of those grimace face emojis in reply.

It was 16:30 when he texted me first and the deadline was 17:00. I got the application in at 16:54, but on the confirmation, it says that it can take 24hrs to approve the photo – so I might not be in. Four minutes later I get a confirmation and registration. 16:58. Just in time. Now I can at least try to get tickets.

I said at the very start. ‘Next year I REALLY WANT to go to Glastonbury. I REALLY WANT to go, and yet I didn’t do what was required, to give myself a chance of going. Is that because I don’t want to go? No!!

Sometimes, life gets in the way of living. It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily routine. To make something happen, all you have to do is start. When you take the first step, you give yourself the opportunity to take the second…

My first step was registering.

My second step was setting time aside to be logged on the minute the tickets came up for sale

Well, I got tickets. (Then it was cancelled, and cancelled again.) But this year I’m going!

My third step is to enjoy the effort we all put in nearly three years ago…and I most certainly will!

This story is so similar to starting a travel business. It’s all about making time to make your dream happen. It won’t happen without you, life will roll on by and you’ll be in the same position in 12 months’ time.

Ask yourself, in 12 months’ time, would you be wishing you’d taken the first step 12 months ago?

If so, do it. Pick up the phone and let’s talk. Even if you don’t take step two immediately, at least you’re doing something to move yourself along.

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