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Why start your own online travel agency?

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If you’re reading this I expect you have already thought about starting a travel agency. And when you speak to your friends and family, they might think you are mad.

‘It’s a big risk’

‘It’s not a paid job’

‘Why don’t you go and work for a travel agency instead’

But let’s face it, you’re here and something is telling you to research further, and good for you.

Some people will never have the desire to run a company for themselves, and will probably never understand why you want to, in the same way that you can’t understand why they’d want to work for someone else.

Having a true understanding of what’s got you here is a good place to start when answering the question ‘why would you want to do that?’, whether that’s a question you’re asking yourself, or someone is asking you.

Well, let’s start with passion. Do you enjoy travel? Are you ‘that person’ in your network that everybody turns to for advice? Are you constantly planning your next family holiday? Have you been told by people ‘you should do that for a living’?

Another reason is having the desire to build something for yourself. You might be at crossroads in your career, you may have taken it as far as it can go, or you might have fallen out of love with what you do. Some people find themselves 10 years into a career they never planned on being in and suddenly realise that it’s not what they want to do.

You could be at the start of your career and want to start building something now. Your family could all be entrepreneurs and you’re looking for that something that’s going to fulfil you.

Whatever it is, whatever your situation, if you’re love travel, and you’re at the point where you know you want to be your own boss and you want to talk it through, that’s what we’re here for.

We’re here to help answer your questions, about the whole opportunity, so that when you speak with your loved ones, you have some answers. I’ve been on Zoom for hours with Mum, Dads, and partners, taking the opportunity through, getting a full understanding of you, your background, interests, and your ambitions.

Starting any business is hard, and I won’t tell you this opportunity doesn’t take hard work to make a success of. But we’ve been running a travel business for 20 years, so when you buy into the franchise, you’re not only buying the systems, support, and training, but you’re buying the 20 years of mistakes, so you don’t need to make them.

From the very first day joining us, you’ll feel how much we value each of our partnerships. We’ll find a time to introduce you to the whole head office team so you can start to build those all important one to one relationships that’ll help propel your business.

You’ll experience the tailored approach we take to training, with our one to one, and accredited, Journey to Success training program, and you’ll have access to our industry leading, Journey to Success Portal.

Even before you join us, you’ll have a one-to-one business planning meeting in which we’ll help produce a business plan, based around your areas of interest.

Our average sale value is just over £6,500 with a commission of £800 built into that price. Even after costs, if you round that down and make £500 profit per booking, it only takes 100 bookings to be making £50,000 profit. That’s one booking every 3 to 4 days over one year.

But that can only be achieved if:

  • You go into this with your eyes wide open and know the work it’s going to take
  • Know how you’re going to get these customers
  • Know how to keep your costs down
  • Know the pros and cons of different markets, and which ones to focus on
  • Have the systems in place to allow you to run your business smoothly
  • Have the commercial agreement in place to get your customers the holiday they want

We offer training and support in step of your business from the business name and logo, marketing materials, right through to growing your business and taking on employees.

We’re more than a franchise. We’re a partner.

Whether it’s the seed of an idea, or you’re almost ready to start your own travel business, book a call with me today.

During the call we’ll discover whether we’re a suitable partner for you, and you us.

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