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A giant pillow of support

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I joined Holidaysplease in 2018 to grow a new side to the business called the Family Holidays Franchise. Much of the business still had to be developed, what was the model? How would we market ourselves? How will we stand out from competitors


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In October 2019 I posted about wanting to go to Glastonbury. Next year I REALLY WANT to go to Glastonbury. It has been on my list since I can remember and for whatever rubbish excuse I have never committed to making the effort to try.

Work In Progress

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A few weeks ago, the comedian Rob Beckett posted a screenshot of an email he received 10 years prior, from his promotor. It was some words of encouragement after they had sold some more tickets to their show, ‘Work In Progress

Don’t Be Fooled

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It’s so easy to be fooled by a first glance and this year’s National Geographic Picture of the year shows that. I’ll get straight into it. Businesses do this, and it’s easy for you to spot and avoid if you just take a little more time.

Sell ice to the Eskimos

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Somehow, the saying ‘You could sell ice to the eskimos’ is seen as a badge of honour for a salesperson. How is it a good thing to oversell, or not talk the truth about what you’re selling?

Your Partners in Starting A Travel Agency

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What do we do? We help you set up your own travel agency from scratch. You’ll be setting up and growing a brand with its own name, look, and feel, which will allow you to market your business to the whole of the UK We train you in everything you need to get started. Our […]

Why start your own online travel agency?

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If you’re reading this I expect you have already thought about starting a travel agency. And when you speak to your friends and family, they might think you are mad.

Marketing a Travel Business

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I don’t think we make a big enough thing about just how much detail we go into with marketing travel business.

Interview With Sandalwood Escapes

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Luke our Head of Sales & Marketing interviews Natalie the owner of Sandalwood Escapes on how she researched for a partner to help start her own online travel agency and how beneficial our one to one training sessions have been to start her own online travel agency.

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