Stop trying to look successful

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Starting a business can be very exciting, sometimes overwhelming and sometimes nerve-racking. With so much to do it can feel like you don’t know where to start, or where you’re going to finish.

Does anyone recognise this man?

Wjp is this

So, this is a question for you. Had you been him and been watched by millions of people, relying on you, and you let them down, how would you have reacted?


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It feels cruel to quash someone’s dream, but I’d rather that than sell a false one. Sometimes picking up the phone to someone you don’t know can be a little daunting. Even more so if you feel like you’re going to be ‘sold to’.

One size fits ONE

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So when it comes to starting a travel business, why would you want to pay to work for someone else and help build their brand? Why would you try to force the suit to fit? Why would you want to add value to their house?

Don’t Join Us

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As Head of Sales and Marketing, my job is to get our proposition seen by people interested in starting their own travel business, and then help educate them on how we might be able to help them be successful in doing this.

Setting Goals

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I’ve entered to run a 33-mile ultra-marathon in October. I’ve never run a marathon, so what made me do this? Well, it sort of comes to setting goals. How should you set goals? Should they be easily achievable or slightly out of reach?

Honest Franchise Company

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My responsibility is for the growth of our company, so it could be easy to get blinkered by sales, easy to forget my responsibilities for ethical franchising, and just get anyone signed up to get numbers through the door.

Meet the team

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I always talk about how much of a relationship we build with our franchisees and the close one to one head office support our franchisees have from us from day one.

Ready for that career change?

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Something I’m noticing more and more whilst speaking with people about starting a travel agency, is more and more people are ready to switch careers.

Passion is Priceless

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If you’re not passionate about travel and building your own business, keep your money. I truly mean that. Spend it on something you’re passionate about!