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The British Franchise Association

The British Franchise Association (The BFA)

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The Holiday Franchise Company made the early decision to become accredited by The British Franchise Association because they share our transparent and ethical views.

The British Franchise Association was formed in 1977 by leading franchisors and established a code of conduct for franchisors as well as ensuring this code is strictly enforced. It has been vital to the growth of franchising which provides amazing opportunities to people looking to invest with franchise brands.

The association delivers a globally leading education portfolio and provides a value-rich platform for franchisors, franchisees and professional advisers to connect.

For us, one of the key questions that someone thinking of investing in a franchise opportunity should be asking is, ‘Are you a member of the British Franchise Association? If not, why not?’ as noted in the HSBC Starting a Franchise Guide.

The Holiday Franchise Company is proud to be accredited by the BFA, and have also been accredited by the Approved Franchise Association which makes use the first travel franchise to be accredited by both.

Our role as a responsible franchisor is to:

  • Help you understand our model and how it may benefit you
  • Get to know you and understand the type of business you’re thinking of starting
  • Assess whether this could be a potentially successful partnership


If you’re thinking of starting your own travel business from home and would like to find out more, get started by visiting our investment options page!

Blog: What is The British Franchise Association & why is membership so important?

When you’re considering starting any franchise, you’ll be advised to look into whether each franchisor is a member of the bfa, and if not why not.

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