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Building a network of successful franchisees

Our aim is to build a network of successful businesses owned by exceptional franchisees. 

We offer one to one training and on-going direct head office support, so you can guarantee when you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. 

Below are a selection of reviews from our network of franchisees. 

The Trip Designers BLUE-01
“The team at The Holiday Franchise Company are nothing short of exceptional. I spent close to a year researching different franchises to see which one suited me best and without question, The Holiday Franchise Company was the perfect fit. Luke was the first person I met and from the start, he was friendly, approachable, and professional; it was clear he wasn’t there to give a hard sell – which I’m incredibly grateful for. Since joining officially, I’ve met the other members of The Holiday Franchise Team and each one has offered unreal levels of support and guidance – it’s clear that they are all out there wanting you to win and for your business to be a success. If you’re looking for a change or a new challenge and like the idea of owning your own business then I can’t recommend The Holiday Franchise Company enough; The Trip Designers (my own little business), wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is without them!”
By Aaron Pease, Owner of The Trip Designers
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“Dream Big Travel has been live since December 2021 but that’s certainly not where the adventure started!!!! The holiday franchise company was the perfect fit for me when I was doing my hours & hours of research about getting into the industry. They guide you every step of the way & every person you deal with lives & breathes travel & has done so for over 20 years which is key in setting up your own brand. It can be a daunting process, especially with us coming (hopefully) out of the pandemic for good but the team reassure you at every stage in your own unique journey. From the initial contact with Luke, expert training from Chris to the fabulous support you receive from Jenna & Kim & the wider team, I cannot fault it. The doors they open for you are invaluable, no way could I have done any of this so quickly on my own. The process & the formula works, Dream Big are 1 of many brands that are proof of this, the industry is alive & kicking. What are you waiting for????”
By Scott Whitehead, Owner of Dream Big Travel
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (13)
“I came across the Holiday Franchise company after researching many others. They were helpful and knowledgeable from day one. I launched ‘Make Holiday Memories ‘ with their help back in 2019 and they have supported me ever since. I managed to create my own website as part of their training programme and I love that I have my own brand. Thank you Holiday Franchise Company for your continued support and encouragement!”
By Sian Partridge, Owner of Make Holiday Memories
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (15)
“The support that I have been given has been amazing. Training was just brilliant and additional training and help since really has been second to none. Nothing has been to much trouble for the team at HFC and everyone who I have emailed and spoken with are so knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and have gone the extra mile to help me. It really is very reassuring to know that there is someone on hand to help at all times. All I can say is thank you and I am so glad to be part of this amazing group.”
By Sharon Nash, team member of New Generation Travel
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (20)
“This was my first Hear to Help Session and I honestly didn’t expect such a detailed, thorough yet informal and relaxed meeting! Having only launched around 6 weeks ago as a solo franchisee, it could have been easy to get really overwhelmed with everything. But I have left the meeting feeling relaxed and reassured that I have a great team behind me that is always on hand to help. So thank you 🙂 x”
By Nia Georgio, Owner of Travelia Escapes
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (6)
“I’ve been involved with the travel industry most of my life, and after realizing I was essentially a travel agent to most of my friends, I decided it might be time to actually become one properly and make a living out of it! After some initial research and sending off some enquiries, I actually only had one conversation on the phone and that was with Luke Western. I was prepared for the inevitable hard sell and was pleasantly surprised at the personable approach and enthusiasm he had for my own ideas and gave me plenty to think about in developing them into a reality. There was no pressure to sign up, if anything it was the other way around, providing you all with the insights and information to make an informed and confident decision. The training and support have been invaluable and there is always someone to call if you need advice and guidance. I am pleased with the decision I made and am proud to have turned my idea into a reality with the help and support of the Holiday Franchise Company.”
By Andrea Stanley, Owner of Colubris Travel
Luxeco Holidays Logo _ Testimonial
“I did a lot of research before choosing a franchise and am very pleased with my decision to become a franchisee of Holiday Franchise Company. First and foremost, they are personable, friendly and genuinely care about your success when compared to some of the bigger companies. Equally as important, they are knowledgeable in the field and always willing to offer ideas and help troubleshoot if needed. The systems are logical easy to use and the training was excellent. I love how it was spaced out to avoid overwhelm and all the team members were patient, especially when I asked a million questions about google ads! They hold monthly initiatives to motivate me in making sales, but I am never forced to hit a target. I feel supported and well-backed for the continued success of my company. They supported me during the pandemic and are quick at replying to any query. They are always thinking up and implementing new initiatives to push us to become even more successful. I highly recommend them.”
By Alicia Sharpe, Owner of Luxeco Holidays
Escapes by ellis _ Testimonial
“After some extensive research by phone and on the internet I chose The Holiday Franchise Company because of Luke Western. I spoke to him on the telephone then arranged to meet him at the BFA show in London. Straight away he was approachable, he didn’t try and push anything on me, he was knowledgeable and he had the same enthusiasm for travel that I have. When I had spoken to other franchise companies in the past they were pushy and made me feel under pressure. I was also told by other franchise companies that I was forbidden to speak to other franchisees which I thought was a bit of a ‘Red Flag’. The fact The Holiday Franchise Company is a member of the AFA & BFA also reassured me.”
By Ayesha Ellis, Owner of Escapes by Ellis
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (4)
“The day before I spoke to the Holiday Franchise Company I spoke to another travel franchise. It wasn’t a good experience, I felt like I was at fault for asking the important questions. Our experience with The Holiday Franchise Company was completely different. Luke was friendly and professional from the start. He answered all our questions honestly and was happy we were asking them all in the first place. He never made us feel like we were asking a silly question! Luke also never pressured us into signing up and never subjected us to a hard sell, he was happy to go along at our pace and support us with any more questions we had. Luke arranged phone calls with two other franchisees so we could really see what we could expect as a potential franchisee. The calls were great as they reflected the same information that Luke had given us. After our business planning meeting with Luke & Charles, we knew The Holiday Franchise Company was the right match for us.”
By Sarah Thompson, Owner of Mapping Your Travel
World Class Adventures _ Testimonial
“Just used this tool for the first time, and I absolutely love it! Sooooo much easier to find what I need! Thank you all for making this happen 🙂 “
By Bridget Perriman, Owner of World Class Adventures
Holiday Toolbox _ Testimonial
“Jo and Luke offered ongoing support to enable us to deliver a quality website and create Google Ads campaigns ready for our go live date Paul has found Luke’s expertise in Adwords a major help, and it’s great to know what both of them are always just a phone call or email away to offer support and guidance which is so valuable when you are venturing into something new.”
By Lynda Wyatt, Owner of The Holiday Toolbox
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (18)
“Thank you sooo much Kimberley truly appreciate it!!! Worked really hard! They say so, let’s hope it’s true, but I believe – indeed onwards and upwards! Thanks for all your support Kim – it meant everything “
By Sonelle de Klerk, Owner of Nudge Travel

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