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Building a network of successful franchisees

Our aim is to build a network of successful businesses owned by exceptional franchisees. 

We offer one to one training and on-going direct head office support, so you can guarantee when you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. 

Below are a selection of reviews from our network of franchisees. 

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“After 28 years of working for a large organization, I decided I needed to break away and build my own empire. The travel industry had always appealed so I decided to invest some of my retirement windfall in a franchised business. I approached a large company selling franchises but was dismayed by the pushy sales techniques. “Sign up this week and we will give you this, that and the other”. It was so cheesy I did question the idea of whether buying a travel franchise was really for me. I then decided to give The Holiday Franchise Company a go. What a difference. From the 1st call, it felt that I was entering into a partnership that would offer the support I need as a new startup. I wasn’t wrong. Genuinely nice, professional people who know the industry inside out have given me immense support from day 1.”
By Ian Davies , Owner of Clear Escapes
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“I have been nothing but impressed with The Holiday Franchise’s processes and support throughout. In the discussions before joining I had some family members who were sceptical about the offering and I voiced these concerns with Luke, who answered all of them honestly. It took 4 months from our initial call before joining at which I never felt rushed or pushed into it. Even after joining, I have not been hurried into launching. The Holiday Franchise Company understand people and want them to go at their own pace. I have loved the journey so far, the knowledge and support have been indispensable. It’s a nice feeling to not be on my own doing this, I feel I have a whole team of supporters at The Holiday Franchise Company cheering me on.”
By Philippa Ferguson, Owner of The Holiday Boutique
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“Chris is incredibly patient and thorough in all aspects of the training and makes the entire experience quite enjoyable! The amount of effort that goes into the training sessions from his end is apparent and impressive, especially on the marketing session where Chris comes forward with potential partnership avenues for marketing purposes. The practical elements of the various training sessions, from the sales competitor call practice to actually creating pages for the website training session were incredibly useful and helped me to digest and retain all the information, which can be overwhelming at times. I also find it handy to have various training manuals, and videos available for reference after each session as a safety blanket. Beyond training on the essentials, Chris was also so helpful with sharing specific destination knowledge that will be highly relevant to my business and is always happy to help with a smile on any issue, big or small. Thanks for being so patient with all my questions and for setting me up with the right information and tools to launch Tailored Retreats successfully.”
By Amisha Patel, Owner of Tailored Retreats
Wagtail _ Testimonial
“I would highly recommend The Holiday Franchise Company. I have run a franchised business previously in a different sector and this is an infinitely better experience. They are constantly enhancing their systems and improving the service that they offer and there is a real sense that they listen to the franchisees and are developing the business with the focus on the franchisees rather than on their own profits and convenience. There is an open atmosphere in the franchise as a whole, with people helping each other and communicating freely.”
By Mike Brown, Owner of Wagtail Travel
Holiday Warriors _ Testimonial
“Hi All … but specifically Luke and Jordan Just to say a big thank you! I was so happy to see Holiday Warriors appear on page 2 and 3 on google and not paid advertising. I have also converted two bookings from my google adverts from only 222 clicks and a small handful of enquiries these past few days, which has been tough as Easy jet and Jet2 Holidays but now will be clients for more holidays in the future. From being traumatised with Google adverts, I now Love making them and am busy making Canada- Vietnam and Cambodia my targets Thanks so much for your support!”
By Andrea King, Owner of Holiday Warriors
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (8)
“Having conducted considerable research into the travel franchise landscape I chose to work with The Holiday Franchise Company for several reasons. Firstly, I was incredibly impressed with their approach. Luke was consultative, informative, and transparent from the off. He took the time to answer my questions, was always happy to jump on a call and was honest about both the huge benefits of a franchise arrangement, as well as being clear about the not so glamourous side! The franchise model felt far more dynamic and aligned perfectly with how I envisaged my business developing and the flexibility of their training and support gave the impression of a more personal service rather than the “one size fits all, an approach that was evident elsewhere. I was keen to build a business that wasn’t just reliant on my network, so creating my own brand, having the option to build my own website and market my business successfully to a wider audience in any which way I chose, was vital for me.”
By Natalie Woods, Owner of Sandalwood Escapes
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (21)
“After working in the travel industry for 10 years (mainly within sales) and following franchise trends for some time, I picked The Holiday Franchise Company mostly due to the openness and directness when discussing the options and what they do. They have a clear goal on what they stand for and offer, and happy to explain the difference between them and the multiple competitors in the market. The key defining factor for me is their model is based around me building a business and a brand that belongs to me, with HQ offering the background support. Many people in the industry have questioned why didn’t I sign up with a consortium rather than a franchise due to my background in travel, with my response being from day one I have had support and training in areas such as marketing as well as access to Hays Commercial team which takes off a huge amount of pressure for contracting and negotiating rates, as well as payment of suppliers. In summary, I believe that by joining the Holiday Franchise Company, Your Limitless Travel stands a higher chance of success due to the reasons mentioned above.”
By Ross Griffiths, Owner of Your Endless Travel
Edston _ Testimonial
“To The Epic Holiday Franchise Team, I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for going above and beyond to support my business at a time of difficulty due to last-minute government advice changing in terms of travel. I know you all have your own families to care for but you all rallied around me, after hours, provided me with swift and amazing advice and you still managed to inject humour to keep my spirits going. I knew when I signed up to the franchise, after a lot of research, you were the right company for me for a lot of reasons, and after this evening, you have blown me away! You truly are THE BEST franchise out there. Thank you for going beyond my wildest expectations.”
By Sarah Edwards, Owner of Edston Luxury Travel
HFC Website Testimonial Logos
“I always appreciate and look forward to catching up with Kim in our H2H sessions. Kim is an excellent listener, and always shows a genuine interest in my business and what we are doing. In challenging times, Kim has provided the must needed encouragement and motivation which has helped me immensely. Kim works on any actions from the H2H very quickly and always follows up to see the task through until the end. I have always liked bouncing ideas off Kim and her knowledge is very helpful and has helped me make some key decisions.”
By Paul, Owner of Marvellous Escapes
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (6)
“I always enjoy and look forward to my Hear to Help sessions with Kim. She listens, gives great advice and helps me feel positive and more confident about my business. I really appreciate her wealth of experience and her empathy when we talk through challenges I am facing. I come out of each session feeling supported and motivated and ready to tackle my next task.”
By Claire, Owner of Frangipani Holidays
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“I look forward to my Hear to Help Zoom calls with Kim every month. Having my own business & working from home on my own every day has been a massive change for me. Hear to Help meetings are an opportunity to discuss my progress with the business and anything that I need help with. It’s great to discuss ideas on how I can grow my business with sales & marketing ideas. Kim has given me great support & advice over the last 2 years. Having my own business can be lonely at times so it’s great to have our monthly ‘Counselling’ sessions (as I like to call them!) which have been a great motivation for me. Thanks Kim for all of your support”
By Dave, Owner of Undiscovered Escapes
HFC Website Testimonial Logos (4)
“I so look forward to my Hear to Help sessions with Kim each month. They are really useful for discussing any issues that I am having or ideas for clients, especially as I work alone most days from home! Kim is always so positive and helps get my mindset back on track if I am feeling a bit down or business has been a bit slow. And she is there to celebrate the wins which are also so important when running a business “
By Ellie, Owner of Purpose Travel

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