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Building a network of successful franchisees

Our aim is to build a network of successful businesses owned by exceptional franchisees. 

We offer one to one training and on-going direct head office support, so you can guarantee when you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. 

Below are a selection of reviews from our network of franchisees. 

travel lightly. testimonial
“My monthly Hear to Help Call with Kim has been invaluable. Launching a new business, in what, for me, was a new sector is a steep learning curve, and it would be easy to feel swamped and/or isolated. The Hear to Help Call gives me practical help on issues related to the travel sector; a sounding board for potential marketing activity; a chance to reflect on what’s going well and, possibly most importantly, a sympathetic ear when needed. I look forward to my calls with Kim who is endlessly patient and who has been an amazing practical and emotional support”
By Mags, Owner of Travel Lightly
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“My hear to help sessions with Kim are invaluable. I often find that on a day to day basis its difficult to create time to look at how the business is doing on a whole and to reflect on progress and room for further growth or development. I know I have the support of Kim and the team at any time I need them but having dedicated time to talk about things and to discuss any concerns I have is really key to performance, future goal setting and mindset. Kim is a great listener, and offers extensive knowledge and support within these meetings. Working as a franchisee can be very lonely at times and these sessions can be a real boost. The remind you that you are not alone. Key contacts and new ideas have come out of these meetings which have helped me to develop my business further and also develop myself as a travel advisor; key for someone who is still very new in the sector. I would recommend all franchisees to participate in them; they really do help. “
By Cat, Owner of Over The Moon Escapes
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“I always enjoy and look forward to my Hear to Help sessions with Kim. She listens, gives great advice and helps me feel positive and more confident about my business. I really appreciate her wealth of experience and her empathy when we talk through challenges I am facing. I come out of each session feeling supported and motivated and ready to tackle my next task.”
By Claire, Owner of Frangipani Holidays
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“I look forward to my Hear to Help Zoom calls with Kim every month. Having my own business & working from home on my own every day has been a massive change for me. Hear to Help meetings are an opportunity to discuss my progress with the business and anything that I need help with. It’s great to discuss ideas on how I can grow my business with sales & marketing ideas. Kim has given me great support & advice over the last 2 years. Having my own business can be lonely at times so it’s great to have our monthly ‘Counselling’ sessions (as I like to call them!) which have been a great motivation for me. Thanks Kim for all of your support”
By Dave, Owner of Undiscovered Escapes

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